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All the various documents cited as references in this website are listed below for downloading.

 A risky business – FinaMetrica assess the facts
This article from a leading UK financial planning firm's June 2004 Client Newsletter explains how their clients have benefited from Bloomsbury's use of Finametrica.
 Some Guidelines For Financial Planners In Measuring And Advising Clients About Risk Tolerance
This paper (jointly written by the head of the University of Queensland's Business School and a lecturer there, both of whom have degrees in psychology as well as their post-graduate qualifications), provides financial planners with an outline of the key issues to consider in developing an understanding of the risk tolerance of their clients.
 Ticking Time Bombs 1999-2004
Geoff Davey, FinaMetrica's CEO, summarises the shortcomings in the Australian financial advisory industry with regard to risk tolerance assessment.
 An Empirical Investigation of Personal Financial Risk Tolerance
This paper from finance academics at Monash and RMIT Universities reports on the analysis of 20,000 completed risk profiles from the FinaMetrica database.
 Risk Tolerance Assessment in the Current Legal Environment
A legal opinion from Peter Bobbin, Partner, the Argyle Partnership, Lawyers.
 Survey of Financial Risk Tolerance - Australian Technical Report
A technical report on the results of a trial of a psychometric risk tolerance test involving 247 respondents, including 198 clients of 25 experienced financial planners.
 University of New South Wales Certification
The statement from the University of New South Wales’ Applied Psychology Unit verifying the psychometric qualities of the FinaMetrica test and that FinaMetrica meets or exceeds the requirements for a test of this kind.
 Annotated Jean Sample Report
This one-page document highlights the variable sections in the FinaMetrica Risk Profile report.
 Risk Group Description Summary
This one-page document provides a side-by-side summary of the descriptions for the seven Risk Groups.
 Investors Behaving Foolishly
A commentary on the implications for investors, investment clubs and financial advisers of studies conducted by Professor Terrance Odean.