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FinaMetrica and Research

FinaMetrica is a research-driven organisation. Our Risk Profiling system is the product of research: firstly, the investigation of academic and other research about the nature and characteristics of risk tolerance, and appropriate assessment methodologies; then the research undertaken in establishing the scientific basis for FinaMetrica's psychometric risk tolerance test.

FinaMetrica's research is on-going.

The FinaMetrica test has been fine-tuned through progressive statistical analysis as the data-base of completed risk profiles has grown. The next major development will be the analysis of data on a by-country basis. At present, all countries are using Australian norms.

FinaMetrica supports academic and industry research.

FinaMetrica has a policy of making our system, intellectual property and database of completed risk profiles (including demographic data but stripped of any personally identifying information) available to researchers and educators free of charge. Our system and intellectual property are used by financial planning educators here and internationally.

Similarly, researchers here and internationally, have taken advantage of the free access to our resources. Post-graduate students have used and are using FinaMetrica resources in thesis studies. Finance and financial planning academics have used and are using our risk profiles database - a unique research resource - for research studies. For example, academics from Monash and RMIT Universities, have conducted the most authoritative study to date of relationships between risk tolerance and demographic characteristics.

View Monash/RMIT Report